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harry potter always beats twilight :D

Harry Potter will always beat twilight period.and yeah twilight does not deserve to be capitalized in my caption.HP FOR LIFE YA'LL

Severus Snape and the Sorting Hat's mistake.

Alan Rickman died yesterdsy as many of you may know. All I know is for me it felt like Snape had died all over again. He was such an amazing actor and so much more and I can't even express my feelings in words. we will always remember him. Always

apparently voldemort isn't an acceptable name at starbucks

This is hilarious! Some guy went to Starbucks and when the cashier asked for his name; he says with a very calm voice, "Lord Voldemort". This is what his cup said when he got it. Clearly someone has a sense of humor. =D Gotta love Harry Potter!