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Goodbye Luhan and Kris😢 I hope you guys will become successful in whatever you are planning to do in the future, saranghaeyo💙


RFA Constellation Series: Gemini / Saeyoung Choi In Babylonian astronomy, the stars Castor and Pollux were known as the Great Twins. The Twins were regarded as minor gods and were called Meshlamtaea.

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“If you hear my voice come pick me up, are you out there? Cause you’re all I’ve got” Astronaut - Simple Plan I still haven’t started his route (saved it for last – then life got too busy) but somehow.

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/EDIT/ [2018] #EXO @Season's Greetings Calendar

/EDIT/ [2018] #EXO @Season's Greetings Calendar

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some headcanons about your fave mystic messenger characters. hope th… Fanfiction