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many yellow flowers are growing in the grass
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Summer Sun'
purple flowers are blooming in the forest
Aconite Plant: How To Grow Monkshood Plants
white flowers are blooming in the garden
Penstemon digitalis Mystica
a green bush next to a body of water
a person's hand reaching for some flowers in a pot with green leaves on it
How to Grow Nelly Moser Clematis
How to grow and care for Nelly Moser Clematis planted in a pot.
pink flowers growing on the side of a brick building
Stop and smell the roses
some white and yellow flowers in the sun
Growing Roses in my Zone 4b No-Spray Wisconsin Garden — My Giant Strawberry: Creative Joy, Watercolor Art and Garden Magic
red roses blooming in front of a white house with green leaves on the bush
Cherry Frost™ - Star® Roses and Plants
a pink flower with green leaves in the background
Purple Dream Lily Info and Care
a large red flower with green leaves in the background and white stamen
Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' (Late Large-Flowered Clematis)
Never failing to impress, Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' is a vigorous large-flowered clematis variety which gets covered with a profusion of large, 4-6 in. (10-15 cm), glowing velvety crimson flowers, with elegantly recurving sepals, and contrasting creamy stamens. Flowering occurs from early-mid summer to early fall.
a white flower with brown stamens and green leaves
Clematis 'Henryi' (Early Large-Flowered Clematis)
a potted planter with flowers labeled in different parts of the flower arrangement on it