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a barbie doll is posed next to a pink handbag and some toys on a white background
the barbie doll is in its box and it's packaged for $ 3 99
Barbie et les Rock Stars (MATTEL) 1986 - 1987
Barbie et les Rock Stars (MATTEL) 1986 - 1987
the barbie doll is in its original box
California Barbie #4439 with Beach Boys record 1987 MIB
Never opened, all items are sold as is, 3 day inspection/satisfaction guarantee. Any return shipping at buyers expense.
a barbie doll is standing in front of a toy display case with drinks and condiments
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Barbie Grocery Set #childhood #memories ᖇ͈̮̗૩̰͘ᔿ̭̩̩ԑ͙̚Ḿ̲̳͘ʙ͛͘ʓ̻̮̀̚я̗̀¡̬̭ꏢ̣̋ ᗬ̠ᵃ͠《8̣̬0̠̎ˢ̀·ꏢ̻̇·9̱͠0̩͙ˢ̋》
a yellow toy refrigerator with its door open
Barbie's Stuff
Barbie fridge
there are many toys on the shelves in this store
Instore Displays
My childhood dream
there are many barbie dolls on the shelves
Instore Displays
My childhood was awesome
there are many toys that are on the table
Barbie Dream Store
Barbie Dream Store - must ask my parents to look for this! Hope I still have it =)
a pink dollhouse with furniture and accessories on the floor, including a small bed
Inside | by Lucychan80
a pink toy desk with a mirror and stool on carpeted floor next to wall
Vintage Barbie Dream Furniture Vanity
Vintage Barbie "Dream Furniture" Vanity" by jadedoz | Pictured w/ its original accessories. This playset is missing the small alarm clock | 13 November 2011
Barbie Loves McDonald's Playset, 1982 Barbie World, Barbie House
Barbie Loves McDonalds Playset - 1982
Barbie Loves McDonald's Playset, 1982