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Absolutely stunning photography by Mike Kilian -     The launch of NASA's twin Van Allen Radiation Belt Storm Probes atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas-V 401 rocket on August 30, 2012 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.  - Check Up his personal portfolio at:

Atlas V Arc of Light: Rocket launched with twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes sent to explore the Van Allen Belts that surround Earth. Astrophotographer Mike Killian took this photo from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida Aug.


Deep red, maroon, black, and brown are the colours associated with Scorpio. The color of the candles used in the ritual can have several connotations.

"Dark shapes with bright edges winging their way through dusty NGC 6188 are tens of light-years long. The emission nebula is found near the edge of an otherwise dark large molecular cloud in the southern constellation Ara, about 4,000 light-years away." Awesome space photography full of blue, cyan, red, magenta, fuchsia ...and really a billion other colors.

Close up within NGC 6188 showing immense gas and dust filaments, using false color to reveal sulfur, hydrogen and oxygen in red, green and blue. NGC 6188 is located about light-years from Earth toward the constellation Ara.

Dark red lampwork bead with blue and metallic by SmokeAndSparkle

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