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three different types of electronic devices on display
The Benq CT2200 is a computer monitor that turns into a tablet with the push of a button
two men in hard hats working on wires
Cable splicers repair a damaged line in the aftermath of a 1971 tornado.
an electrical box is open on the ground
Photo of a common type of cross-box (X-box) used in telephone company Outside Plant. X-boxes are sometime called SAI (Serving Area Interface) boxes.
there are many rows of train tracks on the wall
Multi Cable SLIM FLAT 2m Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Network Patch Lan cable – Multi Coloured “5 Pack” – 2 meter + 15 Cable ties
Central Office (CO) frame Horizontal side circa 2000.
a man sitting on top of a wooden boat
Pacific Telephone lineman at work sometime in the 1930's
black and white photograph of an electrician on a telephone pole with power lines in the background
Yahoo Image Search
Telephone Lineman 1956, the year I was Dad was a lineman for several years before being promoted.
there are many machines in the room
SEG Communications Home Page
The Strowger Telecomms Page
an old photo of women working in a control room
early 20th century telephone operators
an advertisement for toothbrushes with the words how have recent technological development changed film - making?
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Pengertian dan Jenis Jaringan Komputer
there are many metal containers on the shelves
BT ( then the Post Office) back when I started. Happiness was a toolbox full of spanners, screwdrivers and levers.
many different colored wires are piled together in the same pile, and there is no image to describe
Imagine Untangling This Bad Boy....ARRGHH!!!
several wires connected to each other with green and blue lights on them in the dark
US internet providers sent over 1.3 million piracy warnings in system's first year
US internet providers sent over 1.3 million piracy warnings in system's first year | The Verge