Blood elf mage - WoW

This blood elf mage was actually used in wow loading screens in Burning Crusade. You know your a badascrack artist when the company you're paying tribute to loves your art! Warcraft - Erindae Firestrider by *GENZOMAN on deviantART

Tintin - big fan, always will be.

** Bigger size here. ** I grew up reading Tintin comic books. Tintin is still one of my favorite comic book character of all time. Got plenty of spare time today, I did some doodles and ended up dr.

Childhood heroes

The counterpoint to the Real Robot Genre (or rather, Real Robot is the counterpoint to this), the Super Robot Genre is a genre of science fiction — …

Maniac Mansion PC game

Box art for "Maniac Mansion," an offbeat puzzle / adventure game by Lucasfilm Games for the Commodore 64 and other personal computers, 1987