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a small turtle is sitting on the ground
Tristin, female ornate box turtle
a close up of a turtle on the ground
Red-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaria) by Mark Dumont
a close up of a tortoise on the ground with it's head in the air
Interesting Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians Gallery
Red-footed tortoises (Chelonoidis carbonaria)
a close up of a turtle on the ground
Kolenbranderschildpad (Chelonoidis carbonaria)
a tortoise walking on the ground next to a cactus
yellow legged tortise
an orange and black tortoise with red spots on it's shell sitting on the ground
red footed tortoise (Geochelone carbonaria) - Bolivia
a tortoise eating lettuce in front of a wooden fence with other animals
a large turtle walking through the grass
Red-Footed Tortoise
two tortoises sitting on the ground in front of a tree and some plants
a close up of a tortoise on a tree branch
Red Footed Tortoise
Tortue aux pieds rouges.