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three potted plants sitting on the side of a set of steps next to each other
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there are many potted plants on the shelves
Azzari Jarrett Photography & Design — Azzari Jarrett
a branch with white flowers on it against a blue and gray sky background in polaroid
Giovanna Santinolli
there are many potted plants on the shelf
A Few Thoughts on the Polaroid One Step 2
pink flowers are blooming on a tree branch in front of a white sky background
flowers are in vases on the kitchen counter
two cats are sitting on a blanket in the shade and one cat is laying down
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a person holding flowers in their hand with the sun setting behind them and clouds in the sky
☾ M O N D L I C H T Y ☽
☾ M O N D L I C H T Y ☽
a person holding up an orange flower in front of palm trees on a sunny day
Pura Vida Bracelets® on Instagram: “Wave hello to your new favorite bracelet! Our Coast Cuff is designed with a simple metal band—available in both gold and silver…”