Final Fantasy 13

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has a new trailer revealed at TGS 2013

Final Fantasy 13 Gameplay

Snow Villiers looks amazing! Can't wait to play Lightning Returns FFXIII :D

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns

Today Square Enix released the first gameplay video from the demo of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. In the video we see actual gameplay footage of Lightning running, battling, climbing and even meeting with the new character Lumina.

Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots

Square Enix has more details on Lightning Returns - Final Fantasy 13 published.

Oculus Rift Release Date

by Geoffrey Oculus VR has no plans to prevent the adult entertainment industry from using its Rift virtual reality headset, which

Oculus Rift Gameplay

Maybe the Oculus Rift wasnt meant for gaming afterall - It's no secret that the Oculus Rift doesn't play well with a casual gaming setup, but maybe the Oculus Rift's greatest strength isn't gaming?

Oculus Rift

VR Jam 2013 Finalists Announced! The development stage of VR Jam is complete and we’re pleased to share the

World of Warcraft

A look at some of the more unusual gifts you can get for the World of Warcraft fan in your life.

World of Warcraft Movie

You may know the face and not their names but these actors are now attached to the upcoming World of Warcraft film.

mortal kombat legacy 2

'Mortal Kombat: Legacy' Director on Season 2 and Making a 'War Movie' Reboot