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a woman standing on top of a wooden floor next to a chicken house with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Chicken Nesting Box Design | Chicken Coop Design
Chicken coop design must have! We really love our chicken coop design but this was one thing we really overlooked. It’s bothered me for awhile now that the nesting boxes weren’t easy to clean! Typically nesting boxes don’t get super dirty unless you have a hen sleeping in them or they accidentally crack an egg while sitting on it. This has been a project we have been putting off but I’m so glad we took the time to do it! Cleaning will be MUCH easier going forward. If you’re interested in the rest of our coop design, check out our full YouTube videos detail the design! Save this post so you can reference it in the future 👍🏻
Chickens: "Why's it so spicy?!?"
some chickens are standing in front of a building with a ladder leading to the door
What a great chicken ladder
an empty room with wood paneling and a metal bucket on the floor in front of it
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a room with stuffed animals on top of it
a wooden bench with the words how to build an easy diy bench from rootts
the inside of a caged in area with trees
How to attach Hardware cloth?
How to secure hardware cloth to wood
a close up view of the top of a wooden building with holes in it's roof
Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!
Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop! | BackYard Chickens - Learn How to Raise Chickens
the inside of a chicken coop that is made out of wooden planks and wood shavings
Chicken Scratch Coop
Chicken Scratch Coop | BackYard Chickens
the inside of a chicken coop with chickens in it's nesting box and roof