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Art references (chibi style)
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Ugh.! What is it? An asshole day??
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Cute little reminders of how much I take advantage of the little things that these kids don't. ♥
But in a sick twist of fate, Lucy Heartfilia did not last long because of extreme magical exhaustion. She developed the same sickness as her mother and passed away in just a year. Natsu Dragneel now carries two guild marks, one on his right shoulder and another on his right hand. He proclaims that he could still feel Lucy’s presence whenever he is travelling. He could also smell her scent whenever he gets his motion sickness and he could feel her touch
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(Open RP) (Be him) You came to my house to work on creating a song for band. We are both very good at our instruments. I play violin, you play piano. It's lots of fun. We worked on a song through the whole night and finally finished. We were supposed to turn it in today. But instead I wake up to find us laying on the floor, sheet music scattered everywhere. And worse, we're late!!
Tokyo ghoul / Shiro & Kuro