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This makes me smile

Begemott's Sweet Halloween Dreams inspired (I believe) by Nick Davis' A Teddy Bear Tale about Tristan the Teddy Bear protecting his child from the Monsters under the Bed. "Teddy Bears protecting innocent children from Monsters under the Bed since

Wow, can't believe I fell for it

Wow, can't believe I fell for it. Decause i am in Finland and English is not my original language and first time i didn't get that and i read that again and then i cet and realized that i am really an idiot xD xD

Optical Illusions That will Blow Your Mind

gif on how to eat chocolate indefinitely. I see nothing wrong with this but seriously doubt if it works. I NEED A BAR OF CHOCOLATE!

Holy crap

Omg so scary. Gave me nightmares. Omg the little ghost is soo adorable! Please ignore that