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IKAN BAKAR LEMAK PANDAN (Translating to "burned fish," ikan bakar is the catch-all term for small grilled swimmers. You'll often see it wrapped in a banana leaf before it goes on the grill, so that the leaf gets direct heat contact, rather than the fish itself; it's generally marinated in a blend of turmeric, chilis, belacan, galangal, and those other now-familiar ingredients, and served with sambal.)
~Elra's Cooking~: Broiled Red Snapper Serve With Balinese Spicy Lime and Shallots Sambal
Ikan Baronang Bakar Bumbu Rica-Rica & Sambal Dabu-Dabu (Grilled Rabbit Fish with Spicy Rica-Rica & Dabu-Dabu Salsa)
Balinese Ikan Bakar – Grilled to perfection with a moist & flaky flesh inside, and a crispy charred skin on the outside.
Grilled Fish - ikan bakar kecap
Grilled Fish - ikan bakar kecap
Diah Didi's Kitchen: Cumi Bakar Pedas
Resep Ikan Bakar Kecap ~ InFemale
Turmeric Grilled Fish
indonesian grilled fish

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