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an air conditioner is being held up to the side of a house by a man
Easy Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly
Essential Maintenance For an Air Conditioning Unit | how-tos | DIY
a drawing of an open door in the middle of a floor that has been stripped off
Home Hacks Just as Brilliant Today as They Were 100 Years Ago
100 Vintage Home Hacks That are Still Brilliant Today | The Family Handyman
a man using a drill to fix a tile floor with a power tool on it
Jamb Saws
775 toe kick saw cutting grout Cuts flush to the wall and to a maximum depth of 3/4 in. for easy removal of underlayment
a sink and some pipes in a cabinet with the words, mask requires the horizontal vent must be connected to the wall
Two Ways to Plumb an Island Sink
Wanting to plumb an island sink in your kitchen? It's a tricky job—we'll show you two ways to do it.
an electrical wire is attached to the side of a door with a screwdriver
15 Things Homeowners Need to Do Once a Month
14 Things That Homeowners Need To Do Once A Month
a blue and red hose connected to an electrical outlet
6 Home Problems Inspectors Hate to See and How to Fix Them
What it means: The hose is ready to burst. A bulging washing machine hose is an emergency. It may burst next year, next week or right now. But it will fail and it won't just leak—it will gush. In just a few minutes, it can do thousands of dollars in damage. Plus: The Top 10 DIY Appliance Repairs
two pictures showing how to install an electrical outlet
26 Annoying Home Noises and How to Eliminate Them Forever
Garage Door Rumble