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Rick Astley vs physics

Student Rick Rolls his teacher in a Quantum Physics paper. I am not worthy! They should create a special geek award just to give it to this guy!it's a Quantum Physics paper.then he Rick Rolls his teacher? I'm speechless!

the fuck

Maybe she didn't want bangs. Listen to the messages she's trying to send and don't cut all of it off if she cuts off a tiny bit

snark snark

She was probably suspended for the curse words. Ya know, cause she's at school? Don't encourage cursing in professional environments. Yes, these answers are wonderful, but she's 14 and y'all are just fine with the fact that she's cursing?

chaotic good (or nertual good)

Wrong it says ANONYMOUS tip the guy robbed left and then reported it, as he should have, but don't try to pretend the robber was a good guy.

tumblr_p8jedyGard1roqv59o1_500.pnj (500×500)

tumblr_p8jedyGard1roqv59o1_500.pnj (500×500)