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a series of photos showing different types of items in the same color and font scheme
Identity | Айдентика
Творческий проект Дарьи Павлович, ученицы 18 потока Айдентики через Метафоры (granich.design) #granich #graphicdesign #identity #brand
an advertisement for the company is shown in several different colors and sizes, including blue
Identity | Айдентика
Творческий проект Елены Душиной, ученицы 19 потока Айдентики через Метафоры (granich.design) #granich #graphicdesign #identity #brand
a collage of photos with various items in front of them and on the outside
Identity | Айдентика
Творческий проект Юлии Мауер, ученицы 19 потока Айдентики через Метафоры (granich.design) #granich #graphicdesign #identity #brand
the logos and emblems of all major airlines in black and white, including an airplane
the table is covered with different types of menus and drinks, including beer bottles
整点彩蛋 | 叁醺酒市SANJI BAR品牌视觉设计
整点彩蛋 | 叁醺酒市SANJI BAR品牌视觉设计 on Behance
many different types of business cards are arranged on top of each other, including the letter m
A brand identity for bar rubin featuring the primary logo, secondary logo, icon, stacked logo, buisness cards, wine glass design, brand pattern with elements, square branding pattern with different colours lemon, beige, brown and khaki, external window design decal signage Instagram, Brand Identity, Modern, Timeless, Pinterest
Bar Rubin Brand Identity, natural wine bar, graphic design drinks cocktails hand drawn illustrations
Bar Rubin is the natural wine bar that's raising the bar for design. Explore our Pinterest to see how we infuse our love for nature and simplicity into every aspect of our branding and graphic design. Our boards are a treasure trove of inspiration for graphic designers looking to create a timeless and visually stunning brand.
two posters with people in traditional russian costumes and text on the same page, each featuring an image of a woman holding a dog
Siberian Ecological Festival
an image of the cover of a book with words in russian and english on it