Mask Off by on @deviantART

Yurnero the feared Juggernaut attacks with a flurry of blades, spinning into enemies with Blade Fury and slicing his foes with a fierce Omnislash.

Coup De Grace (Detailed) by TrungTH

Another fan art of Dota 2 made by me ^_^ This time is Phantom Assassin. Here is my updated version of this with more details and stuffs: trungth.

EDIT: a color tweak to make her more true to the design and stand out more She is Slithice the Naga Siren from dota This is a fan art of her, one of . Song of the Siren

FanArt: Phantom Lancer - Sunset by on @deviantART

Dota 2 Phantom Lancer Used in-game models and textures Available at FanArt: Phantom Lancer - Sunset

1382070_598156226911748_1495084304_n.jpg (720×342)

1382070_598156226911748_1495084304_n.jpg (720×342)