Lutviana Pratiwi

Lutviana Pratiwi

Lutviana Pratiwi
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Traits of #successful people and unsuccessful people #business #entrepreneur #infographic

Great infographic on the characteristics of a successful vs. Oh how I wish I had learned this in school, or better yet at home. - Learn how I made it to in one months with e-commerce!

Secrets to reading #body #language #infographic

Educational infographic & data visualisation Secrets to reading body language. Infographic Description Secrets to reading body language - Infographic Sou


The Rationals (INTP,ENTP,INTJ,ENTJ). I wax a little INTP in one or two places, but overall a great overview of rational thinkers. Also funny to compare to my ENTJ friends.

Favignana, Egadi islands, Sicily

Favignana, Egadi islands, Sicily -- Spent the day traveling around 3 Islands off Trapani, taking in their beauty.