Aurelia Lily

Aurelia Lily

Bandung - West Java - Indonesia
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THE best cream puff recipe. If you have any doubt, just read the comments on the blog.


África, a Namíbia, menino Himba

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Hide and seek.

Shrimp and Bean Sprout Stir fry

Uncut Raw Blue Amber: "Blue amber is the rarest of all ambers, and before the Indonesian discovery it was only found in the Dominican Republic and in small quantities in Mexico. PHOTO: Dominican blue amber Amazing Geologist

Sometimes real-life animal friendships are even better than fiction — Tinni is a dog and Sniffer is a wild fox, and the two of them are the best of friends.

There is a story told in a Japanese myth, about one happy man who inherited valuable knowledge from his father, his father told him the information about the point of a hundred diseases. Listening to his father’s advice, the kid kept massaging this point consistently, and he lived for a long time and saw the […]