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Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote-Control Flying Car | Walmart— Take their lover of Hot Wheels to new heights with this remote controlled flying car. See the full list of kids’ favorite toys and gifts.
Get the competition going at your Hot Wheels house party with this easy DIY Hot Wheels game. Cut holes in cardboard or wood, set up a 4-Lane Elimination Race and let kids send their Hot Wheels flying! Find out how to make this party game here.
Every Hot Wheels house party needs a first-place snack table. Get your party supplies and retro Hot Wheels line at Target to make this DIY table and decorations for your next Hot Wheels themed celebration.
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Easy Sesame Chicken
Avocado Lime Salad Dressing - this homemade dressing recipe is easy to make from a few ingredients. Great for dinner salads or veggies.