Captions & Poems, (Animals Mostly!) Written By Lynn Chateau.

I look at the Photographers wonderful photos, and then come up with a caption, and/or poem; that I personally feel is suitable. Quote By Simonides of Ceos…
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a large brown bear standing next to a baby bear on top of a grass covered field
Bear Cub: "Mom! I don't want to be the 'Bear'-er of bad news... But that human is taking all the wild honey!"
a small bird perched on top of a wooden table next to a wicker basket
Basket & Bird: "A Perch Preferred." (Get fundraising help with: 'Make A Wishlet.' Compassionate, convenient & helpful. $10 from every Make a Wishlet purchase will be donated to the associated cause. )
a dog laying on top of a bed next to two pillow cases with the words she sleeps here
The Dog: "Well of course I need my own pillow! After all, 'He' has got one and so does 'She.' So naturally, there's one for me!"
a fish that is looking at the camera
Arabian Picasso triggerfish - Stock Image - C002/4477
An Arabian 'Picasso' Trigger-Fish says: "If you check out The Artist: 'Picasso' you'll find he DID paint fish! Especially onto ceramics."
a squirrel is standing in the snow with its front paws on it's chest
Squirrels of Oshawa
Squirrel: "Oh! That walnut tree doesn't like me! It's dropped snow upon my head: Well honestly, enough said!" (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.)
three small kittens sitting on top of logs in front of a pile of wood
Breakfast Cat! - 12th June 2014
"Three cute kittens amongst the wood pile; they'll stay here a while, so they can totally beguile!" (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.) ✿⊱╮
a cat sitting on top of a bed next to a dog
I said no
Kitty-Cat: "Firstly with my right paw, and NOW secondly with my left one! I'll tolerate NONE of your shenanigans today! Understood?!"
a close up of a wet animal laying in the mud and looking at the camera
Renner Safaris - African Photo Safaris - Kenya - Tanzania - Botswana - Front Page
Lion: "Women pay a great deal for this mud in their beauty face packs!"
a small pug dog sitting on the floor next to a stuffed toy airplane that looks like a plane
A Pug named: 'Boo.' says: "So you are just going to wave a magic wand and say: 'Abracadabra' then this will turn into a Jumbo jet, and we'll fly to Africa?!" (#pilotsnpaws #pugcostume #pugplane #pugairplane )
a small gray dog standing next to a person on top of a grass covered field
American Bully and Pitbull Ear Cropping: A Closer Look at 3 Popular Styles ⋆ American Bully Daily
Puppy-Dog: "Wait up please! Unsure if I want to go walking into THOSE backwoods!"
a camel is sitting in the desert sand
A Camel: "Soon I will have a long walk through the desert, so I'm just relaxing; I do not now wish to exert... On The Camel Train I'll need to stay alert." (Short Poem Written By: © Lynn Chateau.)
a black cat sitting on top of a brick wall next to a building with white and black trim
Halloween bucket list: 20 spooky UK getaways where cats are welcome - Traveling Cats
Kitty-Cat: "I love the cobbled lanes, and sometimes I'll sit at the window panes in the Medieval half-timbered houses: It espouses my love for Rye which always remains; it never wanes." (Poem By: © Lynn Chateau.) Photographed in Rye, East Sussex, England.
an otter is standing on the edge of a stone wall and looking at the camera
Otter: "I swear I can hear something bubbling down there!"
two ducks sitting in the water with a bible verse above them that reads, there are i am causing them to know at this time i shall cause
Readers Coincidence Stories
"If the ocean was whisky, and I was a duck; I would swim to the bottom and not ever come up!"
the original computer print is shown with a pencil
Insego. Twoja droga do wymarzonej wagi
"Remember when... A 'memory' was something you lost with age; an 'application' was for employment, a 'program' was a TV show?!? And a 'cursor' used profanity!"