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Tutorials for making dolls and parts of dolls
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a ball of yarn being measured by a person's hand with a measuring tape
Make a real Waldorf baby doll in a day and for under $20 | Farmish Momma
Make a real Waldorf baby doll in a day and for under $20 | Farmish Momma
the back of a woman's head with long curly hair on top of it
How to crochet a wig with weft mohair
Bibi Butterscotch Dolls: How to crochet a wig with weft mohair
a hand is holding a doll head on a table
wechsle zu
Doll face
someone is sewing something on the table with scissors
WALDORF DOLL TUTORIAL, has links to free ebooks at end of article
a stuffed doll is sitting in the branches of a tree, wearing a striped shirt and brown pants
Waldorf Doll Patterns and Tutorials
Waldorf Doll Patterns
a stuffed doll is wearing green pants and a blue knitted sweater with brown hair
Basic instructions for a waldorf doll
Basic instruction for Waldorf doll
several skeins of yarn are displayed on a table with labels and tags attached to them
Wig Making for Waldorf Doll (or any doll!)
Wig Making for Waldorf Doll (or any doll!), step-by-step... uses crochet techniques
a doll with curly hair sitting on top of a white netted area next to a window
Waldorf doll inspiration... I wonder where she gets the curly yarn
a group of dolls sitting next to each other
Weird Crafts: Waldorf Doll Making kits
a doll with black hair laying on a bed
A Waldorf doll for the birthday girl | Farmish Momma
A Waldorf doll tutorial... Waldorf doll for under $20
a wig with curly hair is being held up by a person's hand on a mannequin head
Doll Making Wig Tutorial
Wefted Mohair Wig Tutorial / Video, Curly hair
a hand holding a white stuffed animal on top of a wooden table
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Waldorf doll, part 1: head
someone is doing something with their hands on top of a stuffed animal's head
braided doll hair tutorial
doll wig tutorial with braided strand instead of crochet
the hair is being cut and displayed on a cutting board
How to create a mohair or wool weft (as used in doll making)