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Where eagles dare....

Beach lovers, this spot can be dodgy for you! It was used for cremation by Hindus and it is even popular for its black sand. It is said that people visiting this serene beach can hear different voices!

Breathing exercises can help you refocus your energy and feel calm. There are many different types of mindful breathing — here are a few ways to get started.

5 Breathing Exercises To Increase Focus .Yogic breathing helps you reconnect to your body and shift your awareness away from the chatter in your mind.

exercising eye

The muscles in the eye are 100 times stronger than they need to be to perform their function

Pencil focus eye exercises to improve eyesight

Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight Weak eyesight is most often associated with either nearsightedness (called myopia) or farsightedness (called hyperopia). Factors like genetics, poor nutrition, agi…