Guadalcanal campaign

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Japanese heavy cruiser Furutaka aflame and straddled by U.S. shells during the Battle of Cape Esperance off Guadalcanal, October 11-12, 1942. Painting by Howard Gerrard [1280 × 720]
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RequestAPrint US Navy Art Collection
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The Victors - Matt Hall Studios
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The WW2 Naval Battle of Savo Island in the Pacific | War History Online
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Cuadros y láminas navales Segunda Guerra Mundial - Página 67
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La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 707
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7 things you didn't know about Guadalcanal
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Marina II Guerra Mundial: Photo
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Schlacht um Guadalcanal – Wikipedia
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Schlacht um Guadalcanal – Wikipedia
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THE BATTLE FOR GUADALCANAL, 7 August 1942 -7 February 1943
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Holding the Tide - The Battle for Guadalcanal by Richard Taylor (F4F Wildcat)
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Disaster Off Savo Island: The Sinking of the USS Astoria - Warfare History Network
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Decisive Battles: Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal 1942
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Guadalcanal by JohnnyShumate on DeviantArt
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Vince L. Falcone
Vince L. Falcone
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50 WWII ships sank during the battle for Guadalcanal - We Are The Mighty