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Macrame Angel in hoop, mini tutorial, backstage, work in progress
Macrame angel, backstage, work in progress
a hand holding a small group of dolls hanging from a string
Семья макраме
#макраме #семья #семьямакраме #ангел
an angel ornament hanging from a tree branch with lights around it in the background
a blue angel doll sitting on top of a plant
DIY Macrame angel. Macrame doll. Macrame idea
an angel ornament hanging on a white wall with tassels and beads
Mój pomysł na anioła ze skrzypcami
two boxes with different colored tassels on them
a blue dress with angel wings and a heart
the doll has long hair and is wearing a white dress with hearts on her chest
an angel decoration hanging on the wall next to some flowers and greenery with white roses
an angel figurine holding a bunch of christmas balls in front of a wreath