Nasi Timbel

Warung Ethnic is located on a quiet road in Ciumbuleuit area, famous for its nasi kuning (turmeric rice) and roti bakar ham (toast with ham & omelette)

Nasi Bancakan, Bandung - Sundanese Food

Bandung’s Delight

Doing Culinary Tour in Bandung to Taste the Delicious Local Foods


Batagor from Bandung, Indonesia. Everything you must know about batagor is here. Everybody, especially Sundanese people Indonesia love this.

Bihun Baso Dorokdok — Mie Bakso "Bungsu", Bandung

Bihun Baso Dorokdok — Mie Bakso "Bungsu", Bandung

lotek kalipah-apo

Tiga kuliner zaman baheula di Bandung

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