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a yellow lighthouse sitting on top of a brick wall next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
This is a good example of COMPOSITION because of where the objects in this picture are placed. Instead of putting the lighthouse right in the middle, the artist chose to off center it. Also, the dividing line between the sky and the water isn't exactly in the middle. The artist did it like that so it would be very easy to look and move through this picture without being overwhelmed.
the sun is setting over some cactus plants in the desert with mountains in the background
Cholla Sunrise
This is a good example of TEXTURE. By looking at this picture, you can imagine or have a feeling that these cacti feel rough and prickly. It's because of the texture in the picture that you think that way.
black and white photograph of an old brick building
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This is a good example of LINE. It can be hard to tell, but there is a line that runs along the side of the building going down. Your eye follows it the whole time that you look at this picture.
two lemons are sitting on a table with a gray background in the foreground
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This is a good example of BALANCE. If you were to split the picture in half vertically, there would be a lemon on each side. It is equally weighted and very symmetrical.
a black and white drawing of a woman's dress draped over her head,
This is a good example of VALUE because there are many different lights and darks throughout. You can also see a few shadows and highlights, which help make that drawing look more realistic.
an image of white paper that looks like waves
This is a good example of MOVEMENT. I'm not exactly sure what this picture is, but you can see that it looks like it is frozen, and if you were to unfreeze it, it would be moving. It all seems to be going into the middle, which makes your eye move to the middle.
grapes are shown in close up on a white background
2 Reasons to Gobble Down Grapes
This is a good example of FORM because of the shape of the grapes. They are all 3D spheres that can come together and show volume.
a painting of a red bird sitting on a fence in front of a snowy tree
View Paint and Sip Artwork - Pinot's Palette
This is a good example of SHAPE because of all the flat little circles everwhere. However, there is still a small part of negative space left alone.
a painting of a blue peacock with purple feathers
Peacock Modern Animal Art Painting Textured Palette Knife Original Oil on Canvas 20X30 by Willson Lau
This is a good example of RHYTHM because the feathers on the peacock are all in unity, but if you were to continue the painting, you would not know exactly what they new ones would look like since they are all a little bit different.
two screenshots of different colored rocks on the beach, one with an image of flowers
Elle transforme des galets en mandalas multicolores. Quand l'océan et l'art fusionnent !
This is a good example of UNITY because of the fact that all of the rocks are cohesive and pleasing to the eye. It is very comfortable to look at and not too busy. They all go together because of their design and shape.
a painting of a cow with flowers on it's face
C for Cow
This is a good example of COLOR because of how vibrant and bright it is. You are drawn directly to it and it makes you feel happy and joyful.
a full moon rising over a river in the middle of a mountain range with water running through it
21 Breathtaking Images Of Moon That Will Make You Think If It's Real Or Not
This is a good example of EMPHASIS because the main point of the painting is obviously the moon that turns into a waterfall. Your eye is drawn to it because of how bright it is compared to the other darker areas.
a painting of a man standing in the middle of a forest with tall trees on either side
33 Mind-Bending Paintings That Will Boost Your Creativity - LifeHack
This is a good example of CONTRAST for a couple of different reasons. One, there is a contrast of light and dark when looking at the blue and then at the oragne/red. There is also a difference between the buildings and trees, because one represents a forest and the other represents a large city.