muhammad adriansyah

muhammad adriansyah

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AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2011 - Diploma 14 - Brian Hwui Zhi Cheng

the project known as 'the square and the cross' will include a museum, interpretation center and research center for historical heritage.

ETH Zürich - Prof. A. Caruso :: Archive :: Diploma Projects - visualization


▲ Viar Estudio Arquitectura || Sola Town Hall Report (Sola, Norway)

North Bank realizes the potential of the Thames as an existing and natural piece of green infrastructure. It questions our continued vertical separation from the river and, by dissolving the river's hard edge, establishes an immediate and...

OMMX Architects design buildings, rooms and objects, all concerned with architecture’s capacity to hold the collective and individual rituals of everyday life. Each project, regardless of scale or site, registers with an understanding of context through architectural detail and an ongoing investigation into material, composition and experiential quality.