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Energy Shields and Tractor Beams

There are hundreds of common French first names. Here are more than 200 of the most popular with pronunciation and English equivalents.

Job Profile of Art Museum Director: Portrait of Miguel Zugaza, director of Prado Museum, Madrid on 26 April 2006.

Learn more about the duties, skills, education, and tools required to work as an art museum director.

4 Page Index of Daily Healing Lessons: Holistic Healing Lessons

4 Page Index of Daily Healing Lessons: Holistic Healing Lessons

Painted rocks.

This is a stunning DIY rock craft. This is a great project if you are into arts and crafts. It’s a unique project and you can actually give these Rock.

Decorate Your Garden Containers

Decorate Your Containers Transform inexpensive pots and statues into elegant garden accents. Outdoor crafts paints and our step-by-step instructions make it easy.

Click to See 10 Living Room Makeovers

Dated finishes, lackluster furniture, and zero personality all add up to a living room in need of a makeover. See how these 10 living rooms all underwent dramatic transformations and get ideas for your own decorating makeovers.

Curb Appeal Tips

Quick & Easy Exterior Fixes. Delineate with Stone A low stone wall can help define areas in your yard. With care, you won't even need mortar. Or try using flagstone, which is generally flat and more conducive to stacking. Keep the walls low, solid.