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It explains exactly how i feel everyday. I hate when people say come on tell me, im here to listen but whats the point? They never REALLY understand anyway. The torn life of being bipolar, anxiety, BPD, ect.

You can be invalidated by repeatedly being told through your life that your emotions are wrong, don't matter and/or are more volatile than the situation justifies. Validation is a key step in helping find a balance in BPD.

The BPD Survival Guide - people with BPD go back & forth between bottling up & not expressing their feelings, & exploding & expressing them very strongly. This could be the result of being invalidated repeatedly.

dissociation & derealization

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I want deep connections... I am too scared to let you in

Heard this song on today and these words just resonated with me. I am sure these words have been said to me many times and in many different ways, in the past, but I needed to hear them, in this order, today.

Myth: People with BPD are just over dramatic/Fact: People with BPD feel emotions much more intensely an for a much longer time than those without the disorder. #BPD #Borderline Personality Disorder

Full blast all day long. And i STRUGGLE being on meds when my emotions aren't turned up full throttle. I feel numb, aloof, unattached

BPD...this is my mom...I have "traits" of borderline personality disorder....but my mom has FULL on 100% mom does this A LOT!!!... She needs me desperately at times...and then when I try to help...she pushes me away...

Pinner said: BPD.I have "traits" of borderline personality disorder.but my mom has FULL on BPD. She needs me desperately at times.and then when I try to help.she pushes me away.