Kassian Céphas (Indonesia 1845–1912), Man climbing the front entrance to Borobudur, Central Java, 1872, albumen silver photograph, 22.2 x 16.1 cm. Collection: National Gallery of Australia.

liquidnight: “ Kassian Céphas Man climbing the front entrance to Borobudur Central Java, 1872 Albumen silver photograph [via Art Blart] ” Borobudur “is a Mahayana Buddhist Temple in.

Candi Jawi, hindu temple at Java

The sacred art as an offering to the Gods, and joy of men website page counter

Shiva Lingam, Candi Ijo, Java

The Shiva Lingam symbolizes the structure of the Universe itself

Trowulan, capital of Majapahit Empire until 1478

Bajang Ratu gate, Trowulan / Gunawan Kartapranata, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA