So ready for their comeback not even gonna lie

i kinda find kyungsoo shooting up my bias list cuz hes so fking adorable i just cant

EXO guess who doesn't look happy?

it’s been years but I still get caught off guard by Jongin’s beauty

This is the boy group EXO after the problems that occured in the company, in regards to private issues.


EXO - 170823 ‘The War’ merchandise Credit: Zabanee.


EXO's FIRST WIN with KOKOBOP! @ Show Champion and today they won again for the time at MNET. Let's go for the and win until to the very last win we can get.

EXO 2018

😍😍😍 Baekhyun x Xiumin x Sehun x Chen x D.O x Suho x Chanyeol x Kai (insert name) Yixing my first stan kpop idol, so love this group.

[Actualizado] 4 de diciembre KTS SM Entertainment ha revelado una nueva imagen a color de grupo e imágenes individuales en blanco y negro para su próximo regreso con el álbum especial de invierno. [Original] 3 de diciembre de 2015 KTS Para la alegría de sus fans, EXO está pronto a regresar y lo hará con ¡un …

[INFO] 151203 EXO will be releasing their double title track album "Sing for You" & "Unfair" on December cr: naver -Tink