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Coffee Power Logo  EPS Template • Download ↓

I like how the logo incorporates a coffee pitcher and the power button together, hence the company name: CoffeePower. It's a clever idea to take the shape of the power button into the round shape of the coffee pitcher.

House Coffee - Logo Design - Logomark, Capital serif H, Cup of Coffee, Negative Space, Clever, Black and White                                                                                                                                                                                 More

House Coffee - Logo Design - Logomark, Nice used of negative space. The capital serif H gives it that kind of elegant feel of the company. The cup of coffee is located in an appropriate position.

I enjoyed how the name was incorporated into the logo literally, because you can distinguish the tea and the tiny house. (logo design)

Yalon-Logo & Logo types -This design combines very iconic imagery of a house and a tea cup successfully for a unique logo.

Interesting and experimental logos. Imagery used related directly to the word itself. Makes the logos eye-catching and memorable.

Just an example of creative typography Ji Lee creates typographic illustrations that cleverly relate to the words themselves for his Word as Image series.