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Silver is the worst precious metal this year, up YTD. Silver has weakened noticeably since I published my report on silver in May in line with my expec

Are there fruits that burn belly fat? This article discusses if it's possible burn belly fat by consuming more fruit.

Vitamin C is very good and important for the body. It is good for the body because it repairs tissue and other things in the body. According to the super tracker i am lacking in vitamin C. I really should start eating more fruits!

There are three main vitamins for antioxidant; beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. It’s not sufficient to take beta-carotene and vitamin E for antioxidant. Vitamin E has effect of antioxidant but it could also turn into harmful oxygen.

The next time you smell the citrus aroma of tangerine in OG Kush, remember the humble terpene limonene. It may just save your life by killing cancer cells.