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almond croissants are piled on top of each other in a white plate
Almond Croissants (Shortcut Recipe) - Celebrating Sweets
a pie sitting on top of a marble counter next to a bowl of cherries
Orange Cranberry Lemon Tart | Buttermilk by Sam
two pies covered in chocolate and caramel drizzle
Snickers™ Slab Pie
Snickers™ fans, rejoice. We pulled out all the stops on this dessert -- a giant slab pie made with peanut butter cream and crushed Snickers™ bars, and then drizzled with caramel and chocolate. And if you’re one of the many folks who love to freeze their candy bars, try throwing a slice in your freezer!
a bowl filled with bananas and pecans on top of a table next to crackers
Salted Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Dip
If you need a last minute dessert recipe that is sure to be a hit this Salted Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Dip is it! Caramel marshmallow fluff cream cheese filling is topped with pecans, caramel and flaked salt. This dessert dip is so tasty and only takes 5 minutes to make! Great for potlucks, game day or holiday dessert!
there is a cake with white frosting and chocolate toppings on the top, and an orange sign that says s'mores icebox cake
S'mores Icebox Cake
S'mores icebox cake is the coolest dessert of the summer. Get the recipe on
4h 35m
pecan pie lasagna in a glass dish
Pecan Pie Lasagna = Perfectly Decadent Fall Dessert
Pecan Pie Lasagna = Perfectly Decadent Fall DessertDelish
6h 20m
Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake
Get ready for the most decadent cake of your life. Get the recipe at #delish #easy #recipe #strawberry #chocolate #mousse #cake #valentines #valentinesday