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((open nct rp, someone be Jaehyun. I'm Taeyong. Gay rp obviously)) My father led me to a big, glass building in the center of Seoul. Of course I knew what was waiting for me, the man I call my father trains a lot of boys as bodyguards or more. We enter the building as other guards of the CEO flank us. Trailing after my father we went into the elevator and to the desired floor. As the lift slowly went up floors I felt my nervousness build up, it was my first time applying for this type of…

wattpad get on it [btw if you want a concept kinda similar to this, check out road trip by nectaerine]

This Guy Dances Perfectly To ANY Song!

update: I tried with all my songs and yes I know it doesn't work with every song. I just think it works if you play the song on time or it works with some sort of upbeat song. But yea, it doesn't work perfectly like you would expect.

Duke of Venomania... ...is a fuckin pervert :))

Duke of Venomania.is a fuckin pervert :))

The tale of Duke of Venomania should end up like this ...

The tale of Duke of Venomania should end up like this .

Kaito, Search, Stop It, Research, Searching

Risultati immagini per gakupo x kaito yaoi