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a room with green walls and shelves filled with bottles next to a rock on the floor
MIRRE магазин натуральной косметики
an illuminated neon frame surrounded by tropical plants and rocks on a blue background with palm leaves
Premium Photo | Modern colourful mockup display
XR environment "Neon Space" | EXTENDED REALITY
an art work with various objects floating in the air and on top of rocks,
Marterium | Design & Visual Art
Marterium | Design & Visual Art
an artistic scene with pink and blue lighting
C H I L L N E O N on Behance
several shiny balls are suspended from the ceiling in an empty room with lights shining down on them
a group of people standing on top of a stage surrounded by giant metal balls and lamps
Es Devlin – Set design for Gounod's Faust, Dresden SemperOper, 2010
an image of a display case with planets in it
Lee Shine
a display in a store filled with lots of purple furniture and decorating items that include chandeliers
#黛珂永动蓄力站#杭州限时快闪店 - 案例 - ONSITECLUB - 体验营销案例集锦
an advertisement for a clothing store with disco balls hanging from the ceiling and on display
the stage is lit up with blue lights
stage design | Stage Design | Pinterest | Stage design, Stage and Concert stage design
people are standing in front of a large display with the moon on it's side
Exhibition stand design
an image of a wedding set up with blue lights
58.5US $ 10% OFF|Hanging Wedding Starry Sky Props Space Ball Fantasy Starry Wedding Arrangement Chandelier Window Decoration Ceremony Ball - Party & Holiday Diy Decorations - AliExpress