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a woman in a black dress is sitting down
an image of a woman holding a bottle and spoon in her hand with the caption,
Lucille Ball Vitameatavegamin by ArtistAbe on DeviantArt
a woman with red hair and blue eyes wearing a white shirt that says love u up
Lucille Ball Drawing
an old black and white photo of two people in front of a desk with a sign that says i love lucy
sheet music with the words i love lucy
a painting of a woman with red hair wearing a green scarf and matching necklaces
Lucille Ball by Paul Hesse
Lucille Ball by Paul Hesse
a three tiered cake with pictures on it and a heart above the top that says mom's love
I Love Lucy
a young boy in a suit and bow tie is holding a large striped hat with one hand
#keith thibodeaux on Tumblr
a group of people wearing christmas hats on top of a red and yellow background with lights behind them
a man in a suit and tie standing next to a little boy with his arm around him
an old fashion poster with instructions on how to wear the same dress as in the movie
two women in long dresses are walking up the stairs
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