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a bottle that is sitting on top of a table with ice in front of it
Puerto Rican Coquito
This festive concoction is rich, sweet, and infused with the warming flavors of the tropics, making it a perfect choice for holiday gatherings or cozy evenings. This post is for persons over the age of 21.
strawberry acai lemonade copycat recipe in a glass with ice and strawberries
Starbucks Strawberry Acai Lemonade Copycat Recipe
vanilla hot chocolate in a glass jar with spoons on the side and text overlay that reads super easy to make vanilla hot chocolate
Vanilla Hot Chocolate
Whether enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones during gatherings, this vanilla hot chocolate will bring warmth and joy to your winter days. #hotchocolate #winter #frugalnavywife #drinkrecipes #easyrecipes #homemade | Drink Recipes | Hot Chocolate | Winter Drinks | Easy Recipes |
a cup of coffee with the words do it yourself coffee creamer customize your morning brew
Do It Yourself Coffee Creamer - Customize Your Morning Brew
Enhance your morning coffee with our Homemade Coffee Creamer recipe. Bid farewell to store-bought creamers with artificial additives and embrace a customizable, fresh, and delicious coffee companion tailored to your preferences. This recipe allows you to create a creamy and flavorful coffee experience that elevates your daily brew to new heights of enjoyment.
a beer mug with scissors on the table next to it and text that reads make your own butterbeer for adults
Boozy Butterbeer Recipe
Make your own adults-only version of #butterbeer with this delicious recipe! It's easy and so yummy! Bring a little of the wizarding world home today! #harrypotter #hogwarts #cocktail
a close up of a drink in a glass with ice and watermelon on the rim
Watermelon Refresher
Starbucks copycat watermelon refresher recipe. An easy and delicious homemade summer drink!
pink martini drink in a glass with sprinkles on the rim and text overlay
Pink Martini Drink
two glasses filled with drinks next to each other on a blue and yellow table cloth
Cherry Lemonade Whisky with Maker's Mark
Easy Maker's Mark Cherry Lemonade Whisky Cocktail
an orange drink in a glass with the words copycat starbucks's valencia orange refresher recipe
Copycat Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher Recipe
Beat the heat this summer and quench your thirst with our Copycat Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher Recipe. Experience the tantalizing taste of fresh oranges and the succulence of ripe mangoes, all blended together with a dash of ice. This perfect summer drink is all you need to cool off during those sweltering summer days. So, why wait? Whip up your own delicious glass of sunshine. Follow for more copycat recipes!
a purple smoothie in a mason jar with sprinkles and a straw
Grimace Shake Recipe
With this easy and quick recipe, you can indulge in this classic and flavorful grimace shake recipe for a tasty treat right at home. #grimaceshake #dessert #easyrecipes #frugalnavywife #copycat #drink | Grimace Shake Recipe | Dessert | Copycat Recipes | Drink | Easy Recipes |
the ultimate root beer float is ready to be eaten
Ultimate Root Beer Float Dessert
This is the ultimate summer dessert. A root beer float with cookies, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top! So delicious and the perfect ice cream party treat.
a moscow mule in a copper mug with limes and mint garnish on the rim
How to make a Classic Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe
How to make a classic Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe. The perfect combination of vodka, ginger beer, lime and mint. So easy to make and great for parties. You can make individual drinks or by the pitcher.
two glasses of salted caramel coffee on a table with the words salted caramel dalgon coffee
Salted Caramel Dalgona Coffee
Jump on the dalgona coffee trend with this delicious salted caramel variation! It's so easy to make, and a delicious treat with a kick of coffee!