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Honda Cross Cub 110. Launched a couple of weeks ago at the Osaka Motor Show. Wouldn’t mind one myself. Honda

Honda has unveiled the new Cross Cub 110 and has revied the Cub name. Honda Cub is one of the best two wheelers the world has ever seen.

Jon and Jason

John Bonham - known for having heavy sticks, Led Zeppelin's "Bonzo" was one of rock's great drummers. (Shown here with son Jason, who also became a well regarded professional drummer.

Dhani Harrison Interview on Martin Scorcese's HBO George Harrison Documentary

dream-junkie: “In the hospital he (George) asked the nurses to put fish and chips in his IV. The doctor - thinking he was delusional - said to his son “don’t worry, we have a medical name for this condition.” “Yes,” said Dhani, “humour.