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Satansoo overtaking Kyungsoo's body announcing to the world his malicious deeds while we have Jongin infatuated with the love of his life, demonic or not. xD <<< Oh my gosh AHAHAHAHAHA


Omg that's so adorable I look like Imma bout to kill when I listen to trap music

EXO's different types of wink - part 5 (GIF)

EXO's different types of wink - part 5 (GIF).Kris made my eyes pop out of my sockets:) He did a great job! very convincing:)

exo's different types of wink ;D  (GIF)

I'm so happy to see Kai wink. I can't wink for the life of me. It's refreshing to see a cool person not do it perfectly.

Sehun and Kai, everyone

That was an impressive move. O,O I'm as coordinated as a drunk horse. I would have fallen flat on my butt. XD <<< They've probably fallen a lot during practice as well.