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a pink and green poster with different types of stickers on the back of it
Happy Family Night Market — Isometric Studio
Happy Family Night Market — Isometric Studio
a stack of pink cards with the words loba printed on them sitting on top of a piece of wood
New Logo & Branding for LCBA by Studio Bergini — BP&O
two posters with different colors and font on them, one in russian and the other in english
Карточка для теста: Таданори Йоко
a poster with people holding cups in their hands
a poster with an image of two people in purple and yellow, one is hugging the other
Карточка для теста: Макс Кисман
an advertisement for the international women's swimwear brand, in russian and english
Карточка для теста: Дэн Фридман
an advertisement for the multifest ru multfest festival in russian and english language
a book cover with an image of the title in russian and english, on a blue background
Книги для развития в UX/UI-дизайне