Maria Agnes
Maria Agnes
Maria Agnes

Maria Agnes

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James Clar’s Light Sculptures

Silver | 銀 | Plata | Gin | Argento | Cеребро | Argent | Metal | Chrome | Metallic | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Design | Composition | Photography | Peter Krauskopf

Infinity Mirrored Room: LEDs Forever

Unwoven light - soo sunny park

Emma McNally’s Fields, Charts, Soundings Cartographies

Improved Technology - Improvements had helped many Europeans to conquer territory and the oceans of the world. Cartographers, or map makers created more accurate maps to assist sailors. As well as, Astrolabe; an instrument developed by the ancient Greeks, yet perfected by the Arabs.

Aster 140 | lighting . Beleuchtung . luminaires | Design: Thomas Glassford | Quint Contemporary Art |

Cyberpunk Atmosphere. Neon Beijing

Watch: A Light Installation That Makes You Lose All Sense of Space

Audio/visual installation Daydream V. 2 explores the relationship between space, light and sound. Image: Nonotak

Light Art - Daniele Buetti

Jenne Hein Permanent installation at Kraus Residence, New York, USA, 2008