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a man with a backpack walking down the street next to a river and bridge that reads,
Rucking for Beginners
I started out walking around my neighborhood with a book bag I happened to have and gradually added weight to it. Soon after I started, I had questions. What is the best way to distribute the weight in my pack? How should I adjust the straps on my pack for the most comfort? I started searching for answers and discovered there was a name for what I was doing—rucking. Hopefully, this guide to rucking for beginners can help you find a new way to get out and experience the outdoors.
the hiker's hit workout poster with instructions for climbing, running and walking
Bodybuilding Workout Routines: How to Train Better
a woman in an orange top doing exercises to train her legs and knees with the words, 10 best exercises to train to hike
The 10 Best Exercises For Hiking Training
the cover of how to get in shape for hiking tips revealed by a physiotherapist
Hiking Training Basics: How to Train For Backpacking and Thru Hikes - Fuel For The Sole Travel, Outdoor & Adventure
a woman doing push ups on a yoga mat
Can’t Do Push-Ups? Here Are 10 Other Moves That Are Just as Effective |
Alternatives to Push-Ups |
5 Min Arm Fat Exercises With Dumbells
FUPA Workout
Resistance Band Back & Biceps Workout
a woman doing yoga poses on the floor with her arms and legs bent up in different positions
Great way to practice #adhomukhavrksasana (handstand) using a wall. Photo: @roxanne_yoga
a woman doing a handstand with the words 12 core exercises to transform your inversion practice
Ready to Completely Transform Your Inversion Practice? Do These 12 Core Exercises
The core can be hard to grasp or tangibly activate but it’s essential for inversions. Practice these 12 core exercises to transform your inversion practice.
an image of how to do cobra yoga
yoga thank you quotes #yogainspiration
a woman doing yoga poses in front of a wall with instructions on how to do the splits
a woman doing yoga poses to master before even attempting handstand on the floor
6 Yoga Poses to Master Before Even Attempting Handstand
6 Yoga Poses to Master Before Even Attempting Handstand