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Theleesshop - All mens slim & luxury items - Men's Fashion. Great jacket for a man (or boy / teenager). Boys can out-style women these days.

-Original- Pre 1929 Historical Pattern Collection : Completely unmarked pattern. Guestimate 1910s gentleman’s vest.

-Original-Pré 1929 Motif Collection historique: Photo Would be totally cool if you could make something using this!

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Dress Shirt Collars There are about 12 collar types for men’s dress shirts. Dress shirt collars should be considered an extension of a man’s face. It should be treated as a shirt feature that could…

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Cheap lampshade + random buttons + glue = quirky and unique hand crafted light adornment wonder. Brighten up your room with this button shade! Take some buttons (square, circle, big, small) and glue them onto the lampshade to create a POP in the room.