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a felt board with ducks and sun on it
Forme e Fantasia: Racconti per Piccoli Sognatori - "Storie da Sgranocchiare: Forme"
an image of a book cover with the words quiet book and images for life on it
Dinosaur Quiet Book Page
This website is INCREDIBLE! If you are making a Quiet Book this is where to go.
an embroidered dinosaur on a green background
paper doll clothes cut out to look like clothing
the instructions for how to make a paper doll's kitchen appliance with pictures
Sock Matching Quiet Book Page
a plate with carrots, radishes and broccoli on it next to utensils
the birds are sitting on the tree branch by the birdhouse felt wall hangings
Toddler quiet book
an image of farm animals and barn paper crafting pattern for children's crafts