The "Gatotkaca" pictured here is a traditional Indoneisan puppet used in performance.

Wayang Kulit (Javanese traditional shadow puppet) from East/Central Java & Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Leather Wayang Kulit Puppet

As the name implies, shadow puppets are made from animal skin (buffalo, cow or goat). Shadow puppets are used to perform the play from the .

Travel to Indonesia and see a Wayang Kulit puppet show and study Gamelan music

Wayang Kulit shadow puppet show

Nang sbek (shadow theatre) (or Lkhaon Nang Sbek; Khmer: ល្ខោនណាំងស្បែក) is closely related to the Nang Yai of Thailand, Wayang of Malaysia and Indonesia like the Islands of Java and Bali, thus implying that nang sbek may have came from an Indonesian or Malaysian origin from many centuries ago.

Theatre of the Shadow at the Sovanna Phum Theatre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (© SIME/eStock Photo ) September 200

Theatre Display of Balinese Shadow Puppets

Theatre {Performance} Display of Balinese Shadow Puppets or Wayang, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia By: Philip Kramer