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I just like the part when she sends Harry and Ron to bed

And this is why I don't ship Ron and Hermione. Every time she's cries it's Ron's fault. Hermione deserves so much more than Ron. He's a great character, but he shouldn't have ended up with Hermione.

What might have been. I know I've pinned it before, but I'm doing it again. I like to imagine, had things been different and Voldemort not gone all bat shit crazy, that Harry would have a sibling or two. And maybe Sirius would have a kid, although I doubt he'd settle enough to be married for long. Maybe Lupin and Tonks would have been together for a few years by this point, and maybe they'd have a few kids too. Their family should be a lot bigger.

In a side note, without Voldemort Hermione wouldn't have been friends with Harry and Ron like they actually were since the troll was let in by the snake-man<<<<<<true and also Harry wouldn't haven met the Weasleys cuz he wouldn't be alone at the station