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two black chairs sitting next to each other on a stone flooring area in front of a building
Focus sur notre dallage pierre de Monceau.
Une pose en opus incertum qui apporte un cachet authentique et naturel à votre terrasse extérieure. Le dallage Monceau se décline en de nombreux formats, consultez notre site pour découvrir la gamme.
a house number sign mounted to the side of a gray wooden building with white numbers on it
Custom herringbone address sign, house number wood sign with herringbone
"The sign pictured is 18\"x8\". 2 numbers - 16\"x8\" 4 numbers - 18\"x8\" 5 numbers - 24\"x8\" Sign includes a d - hook on the back and is sealed for outdoor use. It's best not to leave this exposed directly to rain or snow. It is sealed multiple times for protection and undergoes a long curing process! Back of sign and frame is made with pine while the herringbone and numbers are made with Baltic birch. I can do any color combo, just specify what you'd like in the order form :) Sign is made t
an empty swing in the middle of a grassy area
PARTERO Atelier Partero zahradní architekti — Playful Garden Zahrady
two chickens in a small wooden coop